Cyber Criminals attacking Java

There is a significant security flaw in Java and it is being exploited fast and furiously by cyber criminals. Sophos’ Naked Security blog has a fantastic post on the vulnerability and especially its effect on Oracle users. Their solution: Disable Java immediately. Check out the post here.

And why is Java so problematic you ask? Graham Cluley states the following:

“In fact, it has become increasingly common to see malware authors exploiting vulnerabilities in Java – as it is so commonly installed, and has been frequently found to be lacking when it comes to security.

Cybercriminals also love Java because it is multi-platform – capable of running on computers regardless of whether they are running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. As a result it’s not unusual for us to see malicious hackers use Java as an integral part of their attack before serving up an OS-specific payload.”

For easy reference, here’s how to disable Java on the most popular web browsers.