RJS Announces New Security Technology Alliance

RJS recently announced an alliance with Global Velocity, a leading provider of network cyber security solutions, to fully integrate data loss prevention (DLP) technology into WebDocs. This integration, using Global Velocity’s “rapidDLP” solution, gives WebDocs a real competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace, and a level of DLP protection that is second to none.

GV LogoWebDocs already provides fairly robust security features, but even the most secure application can be breached by user error, accident or someone maliciously trying to steal or expose documents with sensitive data. The rapidDLP integration will allow WebDocs administrators to create a “virtual vault” with easy-to-configure policies and settings that will detect and stop content from being moved to unauthorized areas within and outside the enterprise.

“This added layer of security is a key feature that customers have been looking for,” said RJS General Manager Mike Bergstrom. “Giving users the ability to stop malicious or accidental data leakage not only protects their most valuable digital assets, it also assists them in maintaining their compliance, audit and security obligations.”

The solution has been designed to work seamlessly with either the Windows or iSeries versions of WebDocs and can be incorporated into current or future implementations.

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Global Velocity Announces Expansion of Reseller Program to include RJS Smart Security


Clayton, MO - July 2, 2012 - Global Velocity, Inc. and RJS Smart Security, a subsidiary of RJS Software Systems, have jointly announced a strategic alliance adding RJS Smart Security as a Value Added Reseller of the Global Velocity family of cybersecurity solutions.

“This alliance provides RJS Smart Security with a world class data loss prevention solution for our clients.” said Josh More, Senior Security Consultant. “Global Velocity provides next generation data leak prevention solutions that protect information including confidential data residing in the RJS Smart Security hosted WebDocs repository.”

“This alliance provides Global Velocity with a leading reseller of security solutions to companies in the Upper Midwest” said Greg Sullivan, CEO at Global Velocity.   “This is another example of how Global Velocity protects confidential information residing in the cloud.”

About RJS Smart Security

RJS Smart Security is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and utilizes a “lean security” model to provide agile security consulting and assistance, as well as sale and implementation of industry-leading security products. After several years of successful growth as a part of RJS Software, RJS Smart Security branched off as its own business unit in December of 2011. RJS Smart Security is a subsidiary of RJS Software Systems, a leading developer of document management software.

About Global Velocity

Global Velocity develops and brings to market a broad range of innovative network based cybersecurity solutions designed to help organizations protect critical information and manage risk. The company’s patented and patent‐pending technologies have the potential to redefine the cybersecurity industry.  For more information, visit www.globalvelocity.com